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Meet our Elders

From your Chief Elder: Bill Dahlgren


I would like to acquaint you with our Elders and how they function.

Bill Reichert is out Worship Elder. He makes sure the church is ready for all our services. He makes all the schedules for the Duty Elder each Sunday. Bill also visits his shut-ins and makes sure they receive communion.

Joe Stuart also visits his list of shut-ins and makes sure they receive communion. All shut-ins at CLC receive regular visits and communion. If you know anyone needing our visits, please contact me. Joe never misses a new face in our congregation. He immediately goes up and introduces himself and makes people feel at home. I wish everyone in our congregation would treat visitors the way Joe does.

Bert Whitfield looks after memorials and is available for any help needed.

Gary Jackson is available for your assistance and will be glad to help set up social functions.

Mark Richards is a big help as a Duty Elder. If you wonder how the white cloth gets on the cross at Easter, it is Mark who climbs the high ladder.

We hold Elder Meetings once per month. In 2017, The Elder Meetings will be held on the second Monday of every month at 2:00 p.m. If you have a spiritual issue and would like to address the Elders, let me know.

The year 2017 will be very exciting for Lutherans. We will be celebrating the 500th Anniversary of The Reformation. Your Elders will be working very closely with Bob Galvan, our Bible Study Leader to show special videos and lessons on The Reformation. This is all new material supplied by LCMs.

In 2016 your Elders went through the entire Book of Concord getting ready for the 500th Anniversary. We now understand the Luther movement better than ever and should be able to lead you through a very exciting 2017.