Read Through the Bible With Us this Year! Starts Jan 21, 21

Dear Christ Lutheran family,
As we journey through our “Bounce Back” year of 2021, we want to invite you to join us in reading
through the Bible in One Year! Just 15 Minutes a day and we will get through it in 365 days! We
will begin our daily reading on January 21st, 2021!
One way that we can do this together is if you have the YouVersion
Bible App on your phone. If not, simply go to the App store, download
it, and create your account (all for free). It should look like the picture
on the left. Once you are in the YouVersion Bible App and an
account, follow the link below which is an invitation to join our group
as we go through the Bible together!
Here is the link:
Bible App Link
If you don’t want to use your phone for the daily readings, we can have the daily readings sent to
your email. Please contact the office, this way you can follow each day in your
own Bible as we journey together in God’s Word. May the truth of God’s Word unite us together in
the Way He has called us to live, love, and serve!

I am so excited to be going through this journey in God’s Word with you all! I am also excited to
see how God will use this to grow us in our faith and love for Him and love and care for one another!
Walking with you as we follow Christ,
Pastor Cal